Keeping Your Umbilical Slurry Hoses in Prime Condition

Introduction: At Applied Concepts Ltd, we understand the significance of maintaining the longevity and efficiency of your umbilical slurry hoses. Whether you’re in the agricultural sector or another industry that relies on these crucial components, we recognise that these hoses represent a substantial capital investment. That’s why we want to emphasise the importance of proper […]


The front of the Applied PI building at night

Applied Expands Dealership Network Welcoming Ag Culture. AG Schilling & Co family farming partnership was established back in 1964, the import-side didn’t begin until 2007. Agculture’s objective is simple; provide Australian farmers with intelligent farm solutions.

What is a PTO Compressor?

An Applied Varimount 350 being driven by a tractor outside of the Applied PI building

A PTO driven air compressor is an air compressor that’s driven by the power take-off (PTO) of a Tractor. These innovative PTO air compressors can be attached to the PTO of your tractor which eliminates the challenges of towing a bulky, portable, diesel-powered air compressor. Unlike other mobile compressors on the market, Applied’s VariMount 350 […]

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