Give your Varimount the Attention It Derserves – Just like with your tractor, your Applied Varimount 350 PTO Compressor needs to be maintained properly for the best performance.

Applied Genuine Service Kits are an easy and cost-effective solution for preventative maintenance or repairs on the Applied Varimount 350 PTO Compressor. Each service kit is tailored to the needs of the Varimount. It contains a set of original spare parts from Applied, and in addition to maintenance intervals and downtime, also reduces the time spent on maintenance or repairs.

495.00 + VAT


Simple Service in a Box – You’ll find all the standard maintenance parts for your machine inside including air end oil, filters and brushes. So now you’ve no worries about the wrong or missing parts and the peace of mind of guaranteed original Applied parts made for your machine.

Recommended Service Plan For The Applied Varimount 350 PTO Compressor – Please refer to the owners operational manual

After the first initial 500 hrs of operation, the Varimount should be serviced and then should be serviced at 3000hrs, 6000hrs and every 3000 hrs there after.

Benefits of Using Genuine Applied Varimount Service Kits

  • All parts – one package
  • Reduce Costs
  • Avoid Downtime
  • Longer lifetime
  • Available Through Applied’s Varimount Dealer Network



The suggested service schedule should be modified according to environment and working conditions. Please refer to the operational manual for more information.

Please take note of the following points:

  • Under normal working conditions, (no dust, using Applied Varimount Lubricant, environment temperature less than 45 degrees Celsius), the oil filter, air intake filter could be used for 3000 hours.
  • If running in a harsh working environment, the service life of the oil filter, air filter, air/oil fine separator would be only 60% of the original schedule.
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